True Or False

TorFBy Archdeacon Fr. Michael McKinnon

1) The books of the New Testament were written a
century or two after the time of Jesus.

True or False? FALSE.

The New Testament was written between approx. 50 AD –
96 AD by eye witnesses to the events (or those writing on behalf of the eye witnesses). Every writer in the New Testament was alive during the time Jesus walked this earth.

2) There is no evidence, outside the New Testament, that Jesus even existed,
historically speaking.

True or False? FALSE.

History does record the existence of, claims of miracles, death and claims regarding the Resurrection of Jesus outside the New Testament.

3) So much was lost in the centuries after the Bible was written (translation after translation and so on…).

True or False? False.

Non-Christian scholars have verified the accuracy of the Bible today compared to ancient manuscripts. The ancient Jews and the Christian scribes took great pride in copying the Bible letter by letter.  Accuracy was the first priority. To this day, in some Jewish Synagogs, persons who read from the Torah (The Jewish Scriptures) have two persons who flank them to be sure the Scriptures are read without any error. It is quite the

4) We know, through scholarship and common sense, that some things in the Bible were never meant to be taken literally by believers. That these things are symbolic. This is so different from the beliefs of the early Church who did not know this.

True or false? FALSE.

Many of the Church Fathers talk about some things being true on the surface level (e.g., the birth, miracles, death, resurrection and ascension of Christ), while others were true at a deeper level (e.g., Jesus is at “The Right Hand of the Father” means that He shares fully in the divinity, majesty, power, etc. of the Father, not that He is actually/physically sitting on a chair).

5) According to the Bible, the earth is flat.

True or False? FALSE.

The Bible actually says the world is round. It said this long before science did!

6) Scholarship has shown that most claims in the Bible did not actually happen and that such events were not recorded by anyone else or in any other culture.

True or False? FALSE. Simply not true.

NOTE: While I believe that the Bible is truly the inspired Word of God (Divinely inspired and humanly expressed) and contains all things necessary for man to believe in order to be saved, it is OK if you don’t. Neither God, nor my unworthy self believe anyone should be forced to accept the Bible as the Word of God or the Truth of Jesus. It’s called, “Free will”. Love is not compulsory. But people should also know the facts before attacking a Book that is so very dear, yes sacred, to billions of people on this planet. For me, the Bible is a love letter from God to me (and to you too). I would not want you attacking love letters my wife wrote to me or that I wrote her.

Just something to think about.

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