The Reverend Andrew C. Carlson

Father Andrew grew up in Shrewsbury, where he currently lives with his wife Karen, their children James, Rachel and Stephen, and their two dogs, Millie and Maggie. Father Carlson graduated with a BA from Trinity College, Hartford and a Master of Divinity from Yale University and Berkeley Divinity School. Fr. Andrew has alsoworked as a master’s psychologist for 20 years, with a specialization in emergency psychology. Father AndrewRecently he has stepped back from secular mental health care with an eye to figuring out combining it better with his Christian vocation. He remains involved in the community and runs groups for various organizations. In addition to pastoring in Marlborough at Holy Trinity (52 Church St and 489 Lincoln St.), he also works with Fr. Ron Wheelock and the Holy Trinity Attleboro Fellowship. Fr. Andrew is also the enthusiastic co-leader of the Holy Trinity Youth Group (with Karen Cummins). Together, they provide amazing Saturday afternoons of fun, fellowship and exploration in “becoming Christian adults.” Fr. Andrew has served on various church committees, including Capital Campaign, Growth and Business Planning.  He has also been known to chant and sub in the choir at times. Someday, when he magically frees up a lot of time, he looks forward to returning to his love of singing bass/baritone in a capella groups and choirs.

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